A relentless drive to be free. And the ability to choose everything in your life.


What does your life look like today? Do you absolutely love it? Why does it look like the way it does? Ultimately it is because we make choices that everything in our life looks the way it does. I like to think that you are free to have a say in what everything in your life is going to look like, because you can CHOOSE it.

4 years ago, we decided we had enough of the lives we had designed for ourselves. We made a conscious choice to change that.  So we started a journey that changed our lives. We took our savings, our credit cards and started producing a documentary. We ran a successful Kickstarter, we slept at friends' places, sometimes in our car, in stinky motels in the middle of nowhere, we rationed ourselves. Nothing else was acceptable. Beyond Food had to happen. It was our mission to share this with you, to empower all of our brothers and sisters. Because there is EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH FOR ALL.


Check out the visual diary of our journey right here!