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Giveaway Winner + Laird's Laws + Bodyfat % Testing

Congratulations DAVE TYLER! You've been selected as the winner of last week's giveaway: one box of GoodOnYa Superhero Bars! Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me.

Photo credit: Peggy Sirota, Outside Magazine Online

Photo credit: Peggy Sirota, Outside Magazine Online

Switching gears: It looks like we aren't the only people who are interested in learning tips from the world's most famous waterman, Laird Hamilton. He's one of our favorite characters from the film. Click HERE to read Laird's 17 laws of life featured in Outside Magazine. We think he's a pretty cool dude!!





MORGAN: We got the results back from our DXA scan, which measures body fat percentage, viscous body fat, etc. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that my body fat came in at 24%. I've had mine measured multiple times in the past in a different machine (hydrostatic) with results in the 15-17% range. Hhhmmm. 


There was one really good piece of news for me though - I had the lowest amount of viscous fat that they had ever seen in the lab! They assured me that this was the important fat to watch as it's a predictor of heart disease, among other health concerns. This is the fat that surrounds your organs. I told them I live in Southern California, so while my organs may be happy, there are a lot of people in this part of the country that would argue that while viscous fat is a nice measurement, the total body fat percentage is MUCH more important ;)


JUAN: Seeing the fat around my muscles and bones brought home the point that I wasn't as fit as I thought and then learning I had low bone density stressed the importance that resistance training may have in my routine to build stronger bones. I was 28% by the standard BMI standard but the reality was 34% which was much higher. By one standard (the traditional BMI I am overweight); the real measure DXA puts me at 34%.  The mirror and the scale tell so little of the true story.

I've noticed a huge change in how I feel since I started taking Calton Nutrition micronutrients, so that's been cool. I'm really looking forward to reviewing my lab results from our blood test with Dr. Mager. I had unusually high Ferritin levels. Anxious to learn more.

Here's what our freezer looks like right now, compliments of the amazing people at Alderspring Ranch.

See below for my test results for those that are interested!

Scan 1.jpeg

TOMAS: I definitely need to get my bodyfat percentage down but thank God for my amazing bone mineral density! (See below for results.) Feeling more inspired than ever to really get in shape. It's amazing what quantified data can do for one's motivation? I attempted a ketogenic diet for the first few days of the challenge and became incredibly bored so I switched to a Bulletproof diet -- and I'm loving it. 


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