Chocolate Lessons from the Mayas, Tibetans & The Bulletproof Executive


You have chocolate. Or coffee. Whichever. How many variables are there to an amazing chocolate? Here are some lessons I’ve learned from the master biohacker, The Bulletproof Executive.

Single origin or blend?

Mold or no mold?

How is it fermented?

How do you deal with micotoxyns (mold) from fermentation?

There's good microbes and not so cool microbes.

What kind of soil, altitude, weather?

Pesticides or no spray at all?

Chemicals or organic/biodynamic?

How is the bean processed?

What flavor do all of the above finally create?

How is the bean, cacao powder finally combined with other ingredients?
Is it combined with anything else at all?


Fair Trade

What do you put your laser-focus on?
Do you optimize for flavor?
Do you optimize for health & performance (how the cacao will impact your body, your heart and your brain?)

Along the same lines, what direction do you send your daily intention and focus in?

Do you focus on the ultimate intention and bigger picture of having a blissful, purposeful and playful life, and then all of the other details subsequently fall into place?

Namely, better choices, delicious thoughts filled with love and play, experimentation and discovery, better food, better movement, more dynamic choice?

What do you infuse your thoughts with? What’s their quality?

Tibetans and Ayurvedic medicine definitely know something we had forgotten: delicious butter, or ghee.

Add some cacao powder, some cacao butter and a hint of vanilla to your fatty coffee, you'll love it! It's like drinking pure love. Anoint yourself with food. It's not that hard.


Oh and it all comes from Dave Asprey's experience with Yak butter tea at high altitude:

Chocolate Properties and Cacao as Sacred Plant Medicine

Cacao means the Food of the Gods
Very sacred plant in Central America.
Used as currency
Used in sacred ceremony.
Cacao brings people together, celebrating, euphoric, it’s an aphrodisiac (which means it brings us back into bodies, heightens our senses, turns on pleasure and sensuality - as in the realm of the senses, not only sexually.)
Cacao has antidepressant qualities, it is calming to the emotions.
Cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals, and is one of the best sources of magnesium, which very many people are deficient in these days.
Heart Tonic. Great medicine for the heart & cardiovascular system
Digestive tonic, has bitter properties that are cleansing.
Ally for women during menses, emotions & hormones.
Light stimulating effect, without being taxing on the nervous system.
Cacao is a very strong plant spirit with long history of deep relationship with humans in ceremony, as very sacred and revered plant.
Holds us, reaches to our depths, opens up our senses, calms the gut & root, wakes up the mind and lifts the spirits.