Trust Yourself to Flow with Food.

Consciousness is intelligence in flow. Food is consciousness. Food is intelligence in flow.

Even rotting food, the worst, most poisonous, industrial, processed food you can think of has intelligence in flow. This intelligence in flow, however, is not the same as living foods. Living food has the intelligence of life, of nature, as Mike Gebhardt pointed out in our interview with him for our documentary Blood, Berries or Butter in San Francisco, living food is strong, has adapted to survive, to cycle life, to keep on being.

Processed, industrial food can't keep on being by itself, it can't come into being by itself. Its intention is profit, its intention is scale, its intention is convenience, its intention is not life.

Darin Olien, a health and superfood explorer, in one of our interviews, speaks about the different intelligence in plants. A superfood is not a vitamin/antioxidant/mineral, etc. supercharged organism. A superfood is an intelligence. There are different intelligences for different things. Different environments adapt different intelligences. That is why there is a difference between a goji berry in the wild, a goji berry harvested in a conscious, ancient way, and a goji berry harvested as part of a large scale hyperbred mono crop. They may look similar, they may taste similar, but they are not the same.

You see. The goji berry in the wild, harvested in a traditional, sustainable way is receiving, being, giving ... Is not the same as the monocrop goji berry. Even if it's organic! They are flowing different intelligences. Biodynamic farming recognizes this. It recognizes that if you use a reductionist approach to agriculture, the intelligence and properties of food changes. 

What consciousness do you want in your body?  What consciousness do you want in your body when?

Here's where framing food as consciousness and not as units of nutrients starts being pragmatic. You are consciousness, too. You can feel, see, touch, smell, connect with the consciousness of food. Literally. You don't need labels to tell you which foods have the most of or the "best" ratios of this or that. 

You can look at it and kinda know.  You can use your experience and kinda know. You can commune with it. You can try it out and see how it changes, how you feel, think, experience it.

Consciousness is intelligence in flow. You and food are consciousness. Trust yourself to flow with food.