Can I have it everyday? Delicious Thought.


Yesterday, at a Sacred Plant Medicine workshop in Santa Monica, we were introduced to 4 different powerful plants: Chaga, Damiana, Artemisia and Blue Lotus. They come from Siberia, Central America, All over the world, and Egypt, respectively.

Each had a clear, distinct presence and varying attributes: color, smell, taste, aftertaste, emotion, provenance and healing qualities.

We tried them and allowed for the plants to reveal their qualities and share our impressions.

The first expressed longevity, caramel, coffee, tobacco, grounding strength and resilience.
The second expressed sensuality, socializing, volatile emotions, playfulness.
The third one expressed a serious healing wisdom, an old depth.
The fourth one tasted like the sky and sweet honey. She was clear, and felt like connecting with a spirit lighter than air.

I heard several times the question: Can I drink it everyday? After about the 4th time, I asked: I’m curious, why would you want to drink it everyday? I just realized that we are so programmed to have certain foods everyday (cereal, eggs, milk, kale, etc), that even when we are discovering something new, our conscious programmed mind comes in and asks whether we can have it everyday.

A vase is a container which can hold anything. Just like our heart, our brain, our head, our body, our stomach, our mind. Thought, desire and consciousness inform our life as we fill our vase at each moment with whatever we choose to fill it.

We gradually become the thoughts we cultivate and the emotions related to them, their tone. Are they negative? Are they desperate? Are they positive? Are they packed with fear and doubt or are they packed with love, joy and curiosity? To what degree? How do they interact?

Like a reflecting mirror-vase where life recognizes herself, I see myself reflecting someone else’s gesture, thought, idea, laughter, habit, volume.

Are we like mirror-vases which reflect all around us while we also cast our thought, emotion back onto the world around us?

The consciousness of a constant flow of giving and receiving brings dynamic participation to how we relate to everything.

What do we fill that mirror-vase which is our mind, our body and each of our organs with?

How do we take care of it? Do we fill it to the top? Do we fill it quickly? Carefully or dramatically?

Opening up to your emotions and your own flow, wouldn’t you want to play with your food, your herbs, your drinks? I do.

In Blood, Berries or Butter, Steve Fowkes says - paraphrasing - “When your mom told you not to play with your food… bad advice.. Play with your food, experiment with it, that’ll only open both your eyes to how you relate to different flavors, nutrients, textures, colors, smells. That'll give you parallax and you will have a perspective you didn't have before.”

This mirror vase that we are is not separated from anything else but participating in a constant flow. What could we discover if we allowed the flow to fill it and empty it, freely, over and over again? What would we realize about ourselves?