Being Vegan at Breakfast

Hi all - 

I've been representing the vegan portion of the challenge to the best of my abilities this week -- coconut yogurt, raw sunflower seeds, brussel sprouts and all. Normally, I'm a devout protein-shake-in-the-morning kinda gal (almond milk, spinach, Tera's Whey, frozen blueberries) so I had to really think about how I was going to tackle this whole vegan breakfast thing. Whey protein powder is a by-product of the meat/dairy industry and definitely NOT vegan. (Note: They do make vegan protein powders, but I just haven't found one I like.)


I opted for Elissa Goodman's coconut yogurt instead. I don't think I'm ever going back! This stuff is amazing. Be warned: it takes 4 whole coconuts to make the recipe and you have to crack and open them yourself. Or convince your roommate to help, which is what I did. I used the wine opener, she used the hammer. 



So the vegan challenge is going well. I just have to be mindful of everything I'm putting in my mouth, which is something I should be doing anyway! 

Some of the things that I can't have that I normally eat:

 - Nut Thins (I know, right?!? That milk powder gets you every time.)

 - Fish

 - Whey protein powder 

Stay tuned for updates from the Paleo and Bulletproof challengers! And if you want the recipe for the yogurt check out

- Morgan