B3 Challenge

Hi Fans, Family, Friends and Followers!

Film Update: Due to the success of our Kickstarter campaign (THANK YOU) we are on track to have a final theatrical cut of the documentary for a January premiere!! YAY!!!

We are excited to announce the next phase of our B3 journey. 

The 42-Day B3 Challenge: BLOOD (paleo) // BERRIES (vegan) // BUTTER (bulletproof/ketogenic)

Juan vs. Morgan vs. Tomas

But it's actually more like Morgan vs. Morgan, Juan vs. Juan and Tomas vs. Tomas -- we aren't really competing against anyone but ourselves in this one. And believe us, that will be competition enough. 



Juan will commit himself to the Paleo and Crossfit communities for the next 42 days! On the final day of the competition we will film his attempt to do 20 burpees in one minute. You're in for a treat with this wanna-be CrossFit champion. Let's see if there's any truth to the newest trend sweeping the nation. Juan will keep a food journal, wear Nike Fuel band, and keep everyone informed of his learnings via this blog, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

- Paleo/Primal diet (light on red meat): high protein, high fat, low carb, no processed foods. 

- Crossfit, boxing, barefoot walking and all things primal activity related



Morgan will be going vegan. She's played around with pescetarian, vegetarian and JERF diets, among others, but she's never before committed to a vegan diet. This is a welcomed challenge for her. She'll be meditating daily, attempting to do a pike handstand from the stability ball like @Yoga_girl and avoiding cheese like the plague. Bye-bye whey protein. Hello hemp seeds. Will she become a crazy, angry junk-food-vegan or will she emerge from the challenge a blissed-out Yogini? Only time will tell. 

- No cheese, no chicken, no meat, no milk, no fish, no eggs, no processed food

- TONS of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, homemade coconut yogurt for breakfast from Elissa Goodman

- Morning meditation ritual, oil pulling, gratitude practice at night

- Strength training and yoga



Tomas will be entering the mind-altering (literally) world of bio-hacking while maintaining a bulletproof, ketogenic diet (highest quality ingredients, 80% of calories from limited to fat and animal protein.)  He'll be doing daily neurological training with one of Jay Schroeder's devices as well. Let's see how much voltage he can handle!! 

- Grassfed beef, lamb, bacon, eggs, cheese, heavy cream, kefir, Bulletproof Coffee, jasmine green tea, grassfed butter, himalayan salt, coconut oil, homemade mayo with MCT oil, dry spices, cinnamon

- Mindfullness practice all day, everyday

- Track Heart Rate Variability with Inner Balance, an app designed by HeartMath designed to enhance the nervous system and manage stress



We were blessed with an in-home visit from Phlebotomist, Yolanda, from Biophysical who took our blood for pre-challenge testing. Dr. Justin Mager personally designed our blood panel specifically for this challenge. Here's the basic rundown of what we're testing:

CBC (Complete Blood Count)



Inflammation markers

The Nutrition department at UCLA was kind enough to invite us in for a DXA body-scan to test our body fat percentages, bone density and visceral fat, as well as a VO2 Max test to measure our fitness levels. We'll write more on that experience in a follow-up post!

Stay tuned for food journals, progress updates, bruises, bashed egos and more!


Yours in Health, 

The B3 Team