Celebrity Outreach and Kickstarter Friends

 Hi All -

Thank you for your tremendous support. We had a big week last week and we're so excited with the momentum!

Today we're doing something a little bit different. We need your help in promoting our trailer to the leading health personalities. As you can imagine, it's really hard to capture the attention of these people, so for the next 7 days, we will pick a new person each day and ask you all to Tweet harass them. 


For Day #1 we've chosen the amazing Jillian Michaels! (@JillianMichaelshttp://www.everydayhealth.com/jillian)

We'd love for you to personalize your message, but we know you're busy, so here are some sample tweets/posts/instagrams. All you have to do is copy and paste!

We love you @JillianMichaels You should be in the Blood, Berries or Butter Documentary! @b3mavericks tinyurl.com/mpgqbos

@JillianMichaels Blood Berries or Butter is a perfect doc on personalized wellness. Interview the directors @b3mavericks tinyurl.com/mpgqbos

@JillianMichaels Blood Berries or Butter is a film on personalized wellness. Please help them finish their film @b3mavericks tinyurl.com/mpgqbos

Lastly, I'm assuming you're interested in all things health & wellness since you backed our project, so I wanted to tip you on a few other projects you might be interested in:

For the yogis reading, I think you'll be as excited about this project as I am! I already ordered mine, so selfishly, I want this project to be successful! Who doesn't want a fresh and flat yoga mat?!?

And for those of you that need some motivation in the gym, check out these Fitness Cards.

THANKS GUYS! We love you.